CJSC «ABSOLUTBANK» renders opening and servicing letters of credit to the Bank's customers.

Letters of credit are orders of the payer's bank to the payee's bank to make payments of funds to individuals or legal entities within the designated amount on the conditions, specified in this order, a form of settlements, which assumes work of two banks, at the same time failure to carry out conditions of the contracts, signed earlier, is completely excluded both from the part of the product supplier and from the part of the buyer.

CJSC «ABSOLUTBANK» can grant to its customers a letter of credit for risk minimization of mutual settlements with their  partners.

CJSC «ABSOLUTBANK» provides bank guarantees to the Bank's customers.

The bank guarantee is a method of ensuring execution of monetary liabilities of the customer, when the Bank undertakes an obligation in writing to pay to the creditor (beneficiary) of the customer of the monetary amount due after submitting a claim in writing for its payment.

The guarantee does not distract monetary resources from the circulation, allows participation in tenders/biddings, obligatory conditions of which are, as a rule, granting a bank guarantee.

A payment on the guarantee is made in accordance with the conditions, specified in the guarantee, if the customer failed to fulfill its contract obligations. CJSC «ABSOLUTBANK» renders services for financing of all phases of a foreign trade contract within a letter of credit from advance payment to payment for installation.

Various financing methods:

  • payment in installments with the discounting of documents (indicating in a contract the terms of payment by installments and discounting);        
  • post-financing (with no special contractual provisions).

The choice of a payment and financing scheme depends on each specific transaction. Therefore, before entering into a contract, we kindly recommend you to contact  CJSC «ABSOLUTBANK».

Contacting  CJSC «ABSOLUTBANK» at the pre-contract stage will ensure the most efficient way of settlement with your foreign partner.

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