CJSC «ABSOLUTBANK» works at the interbank loan market, performs conversion transactions with Belarusian rubles, Russian rubles, US dollars, euros and another currencies, carries out deals at the foreign exchange market within limits set to counterparties.

CJSC «ABSOLUTBANK» pursues a policy of risk assessment on counterparty banks and also constantly monitors set limits on each bank.

CJSC «ABSOLUTBANK» offers its counterparties services of conversion transactions at the interbank market. The Bank always offers customers a most favorable rate of exchange.

CJSC «ABSOLUTBANK» performs transactions on raising/ placement of free monetary funds for various periods:

  • raising interbank loans in the main freely convertible currencies;
  • granting interbank loans within the set limits or provided collateral;
  • granting an overdraft on NOSTRO correspondent accounts within set limits to counterparty banks.

If you wish to receive more information, please contact  CJSC «ABSOLUTBANK» by the following phone numbers: 

  • + (375 17) 369 76 37,
  • +(375 17) 267 77 18
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